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In association with Allied Surveyors & Valuers, the largest independent firm of Valuers and Surveyors in the Country, we are able to undertake Valuations, RICS Homebuyer reports and full Building Surveys on residential properties in and around the Plymouth area, West Devon and throughout Cornwall.

We also carry out formal mortgage valuations for many of the leading Banks and Building Societies and other lending institutions and our Chartered Surveyors undertake valuations for the Government's 'Help to Buy' Scheme, for probate, general taxation, litigation, compulsory purchase and compensation and for matrimonial purposes.

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An inspection and report in strict accordance with the Government's 'Help to Buy' scheme via Target HCA.


An inspection and appraisal of a property for a specific purpose, whether for probate, estate planning, general taxation purposes or for family settlement or matrimonial purposes. 


This is an inspection rather more extensive than the sort of inspection undertaken for Bank and/or Building Society mortgage purposes.  It includes (where access permits) an inspection of the roof space(s), a damp test in respect of accessible solid walling relative to the ground floor level accommodation and a nine or ten page report setting out details of the location and description of the property, its principal construction, a listing of items of significant disrepair, deterioration and/or other concerns, together with a general comment on the service installations and fittings, confirmation as to our opinion as to current market value and a calculation of an appropriate fire insurance reinstatement cost figure.


This takes the form of a detailed inspection and appraisal of the overall property and a report thereon as to its principal construction and general state of repair and condition, on an elemental basis under such headings as chimney stacks, roof coverings, rainwater fittings, main walls, joinery items, roof spaces, ceilings, walls and internal partitions, floors etc. etc.  This report again includes confirmation as to our opinion as to current market value, a calculation as to an appropriate buildings insurance reinstatement cost figure and is geared to identifying and reporting upon significant defects.  This type of inspection and report is more usually undertaken in respect of properties of traditional design and construction, built during the last 100 years or so and provides a 'traffic light style' assessment or 'condition rating' in respect of each component or element of the property.


This is the most detailed survey report available and is particularly suited to individual properties, including large, extended and/or older buildings.  The report will provide an assessment as to the principal construction of the overall property with a detailed appraisal as to is general state of repair and condition.  The report again follows an 'elemental basis' of reporting with in the main, broadly similar headings to those incorporated within an RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation report, but in considerably more detail and again, same report would include an assessment as to current market value and also confirmation of an appropriate fire insurance reinstatement cost figure..

Our partners

Allied Surveyors and Valuers Ltd is essentially a cooperative, owned by its 43 shareholding Chartered Surveyors, covering England and Wales.

RICS is the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property, infrastructure and construction.

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